Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Health & Emergency Training Centre

Please read the terms and conditions carefully, these terms and conditions are strictly adhered to to ensure quality programming and reduce the amount of additional administration time required to keep our fees at a low price.  These terms and conditions were put into place after extensive review of similar companies in the market, and based on 3 years of data pertaining to course cancellation/rescheduling trends.  If the following terms and conditions are not satisfactory, we recommend you do not register for a course as we cannot modify the terms and conditions in any way.  

Registration and Payments
  • All registrations are done on our website.  We are unable to process any registrations in office or by phone to ensure accuracy of information.
  •  For companies booking on approved terms, the course will be invoiced based on the terms.

Course Cancellation/Refund Policy
  • There are no refunds once you have made a booking.
  • We offer 1 free transfer to another course up to 14 business days before the scheduled course.
  • You may also transfer your registration to another person up to 48 hours before the course at no charge.
Rationale: Think of booking a trip to Toronto for a rock concert, you get ill the night before... while the concert promoter and airline likely  feel badly with your situation, unfortunately they will not be able to transfer you, offer you a credit, or refund unless you have trip cancellation insurance as reality is, the situation is out of their control.  We have to consider the overall picture, if we are at the minimum to run the course and we have a participant cancel last minute, then we would have to cancel the whole course as we cannot run the course at a financial loss.  As a result we now offer optional cancellation & rescheduling coverage, which is similar to trip cancellation insurance to protect your registration should an emergency arise that you need to reschedule or cancel your registration 

Course Cancellation - Private Groups
  1. Private group bookings are eligible for cancellation without charge up to 30 days before the course.  
  2. Cancellations 15-30 days before the course are subject to a 75% charge
  3. Cancellations 14 days before the course are subject to a 100% charge
Rationale:  When we block off a private course date for a group, we no longer can market those dates to the public or another group.  Based on previous cancellation experience, we simply cannot fill the dates/spots within 30 days of the course resulting in Superior EMS suffering a loss of income. 

Course Cancellation - Specialty Courses - Private Groups
  1. There are no refunds on any specialty course including: IV Access & Therapy, Medical First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, PHTLS, ACLS.
  2. An invoice for the full amount will be issued if cancelled once booked NET 30. 
Rationale:  Specialty courses require significant administrative time, and equipment costs and preparation, which begins the moment you book the course.  

Course Billing - Private Groups
  1. The organization will be billed for the confirmed number of participants 5 business days before the course, or the the total number in attendance if higher than the confirmed number at the end of the course.   
  2. Invoicing will not be reduced for no-shows of those who are confirmed 5 business days before.  

Emergency Cancellation
  • If the course is cancelled due to severe weather, instructor illness, or other emergency, participants will be automatically transferred to the next course. If the participant cannot attend the next available course, they will be able to transfer to another course within 3 months. There are no refunds unless you have purchased the optional cancellation coverage.
  • To view our Adverse weather event policy please see the attached PDF.  

Optional Cancellation & Rescheduling Coverage
  • Like trip cancellation insurance, our optional cancellation & rescheduling coverage gives you the peace of mind when registering for a course. Should you become ill or have a family emergency you will be able to transfer to another course at no additional cost within 1 calendar year of your original course date. 
  • If you wish to cancel your registration for any reason, you will receive a refund based on the program guidelines which is not available for registrations without coverage.
  • If a course is cancelled due to an emergency, and you wish to receive a refund, you will be eligible to so under the coverage.
  • Coverage details are available HERE
  • To submit a claim under the program click HERE    

Attendance and Registration

Course Minimum
We require a minimum of 6 participants for a course to run. If the course does not meet the minimum number of participants, it will be cancelled, and participants will be provided with priority registration for another course. 
Rationale: We are unable to run a course at a loss, and we cannot issue a full refund due to the administrative time associated with processing registrations, transfers, etc. 

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that the course they have registered for is the correct course required for their intended purpose. It is also the participants responsibility to ensure they arrive on-time and have arranged the required transportation to the course for on- time arrival.
Rationale: Superior EMS Cannot be responsible for the correct course selection you require, we will attempt to help you as best as we can but ultimately its your responsbility to register in the correct course. 

Participant No-Show
In the event the participant does not attend the course and does not meet the emergency cancellation policy will forfeit their registration fee, there will be no refund provided.
Rationale: This one is pretty self explanatory, we cannot be responsible for no-shows. 

Late Admission
Superior EMS courses start on-time to ensure a quality learning experience and to minimize disruptions once the course has begun. No late admission will be permitted under any circumstances, and no refunds will be provided for late participants who were not admitted into class.
Rationale: It is not appropriate to make the other participants wait around and delay their learning for late comers.  It is everyones responsiblity to be on-time, know the bus routes, etc. 

Under WISB program policies, 100% attendance is required for certification. Participants must be in class for the whole program including on-time return from breaks, and an on-time start. Please refrain from scheduling appointments, or other activities that my require you to either leave the class or return to class late as you will not be eligible for certification if any course time is missed.

Recertification Policy
The criteria to take a Standard First Aid course as outlined by WISB standards is:
  1. You must have a valid certification the date of re-certification
  2. Current certification must be from Superior EMS
  3. Recertifications can only be taken once, after which time you must complete a full course.

Discounts are applicable at the time of booking only, they cannot be added retrospectively.
For instance if you book a Mask Fit through the booking system, and 2 days later book a First Aid Course where there is a discounted rate to add a Mask Fit Test, we are not able to refund you the difference when two seperate services are booked at different times.  

Terms and Conditions - Patient Transfers

Bookings are made through our dispatch centre by calling 705-253-3301 or via our online or email system.  Transfers are non-emergent in nature and can be cancelled by Superior EMS at any time to accomodate higher acuity calls.  

Fees are based on the base fee, including specific time alotment to the call.  If the time exceeds the alotment additional fees apply.  Please contact us for our current rates.  Fees are invoiced after the transport, and are due upon receipt.  5% interest is charged on overdue accounts. 

Crew Arrival
Superior EMS strives to provide prompt, on-time services, however in rare circumstances we may be required to delay or reschedule a patient transfer with limited-to no-notice due to a higher acuity transfer, mechanical failure, or severe weather.

Superior EMS Cancellation
Superior EMS may be required to cancel a scheduled transfer with limited-to no-notice due to a higher acuity transfer request, mechanical failure or severe weather.

Client Cancellations
We understand that situations happen, and we try our best to meet your needs, while meeting staffing requirements, and lost income.  Should a client or organization need to cancel a scheduled transfer, it is your responsibility to contact Superior EMS.  Cancellations further than 72 hours in advance are no charge.   Transfers cancelled between 48-72 hours of a transfer are subject to a $75 administration fee.   Cancellations within 48 hours of the transfer are subject to the full base fee charge.  

Non-emergent patient transport can result in inherent damages, including but not limited to:
  • Damage to flooring by necessary equipment to perform safe patient transport, as well as by crew members shoes that cannot be removed for safety reasons.
  • Damage to stairs, trims, and surrounding surfaces by necessary equipment to perform safe transport.
  • Damage to entrance ways, including but not limited to doors, door frames, screen doors, storm doors, screen/storm door opener/closers, and other associated entrance way structures while performing safe transport.
  • Damage to furniture, and all other residential contents while performing safe transport.
  • Tracking in dirt, sand and other debris on crews’ shoes, equipment or other sources while performing safe transport.
Superior EMS assumes no responsibility for any damages outlined above or any other damages that may occur in the course of performing safe transport.

Please refrain from placing anything on stairs, or surfaces that may place our employees at safety risk (including but not limited to sheets, towels, or anything else not secured to the stairs or surfaces).   Staff may refuse to proceed with the transfer if safety is impaired.  

Website Disclaimer
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Price Disclaimer
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Contact Us  

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